About Me

I have been transplanted in Nova Scotia’s ‘apple capital’, in the friendly and picturesque town of Berwick, in the Annapolis Valley. I am a wife and mom of 4 beautiful daughters. We are a diverse bunch descending from French, Celtic, and South East Asian heritage. To make everyone happy we are always trying new fusion dishes, incorporating traditional Nova Scotian food with my husband’s penchant for chili, ginger and garlic. Newly surrounded with an abundance of affordable, fresh produce, we look forward to whipping up new dishes and sharing ideas with others.

Since a young child I have been enthusiastic about art, especially drawing. Portraiture has been my main love. It isn’t until the past few years I have tried developing skill with other mediums, such as painting, and now sculpting. I have developed a small obsession with miniatures and thanks to my little girls, I always have lots of inspiration to create. Time to time I will include some of these creations with you as well.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I came across your blog, and loved the name immediately as these are two ingredients that are perfect together! I look forward to following on your unique adventures and recipes 🙂


  2. The recipes I post are ones my family enjoy. I initially started thinking about doing a blog so my kids would always have access to our family recipes. Especially since our oldest has now left the nest. And choosing the name was easy as pie…I am right in the middle of apple country and cardamom is my favorite spice. Thank you Lynz!


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