: DIY butterfly frames

both frames

You may have seen similar framed 3D butterflies in stores and all over Pinterest. These are trendy right now.And they are super easy to make, albeit a bit tedious. If you have frames and pretty scrapbook paper around the house, you already have nearly everything needed to make this.

The great thing about these aside from their graphic cuteness, is the fun pop of colour they add. They work great for baby shower gifts because they are multi-coloured and would fit with almost any room palette. If the nursery is going to be a more neutral palette, tonal butterflies in soft hues would also be very sweet.

The Ikea frame piece was simple enough. I marked out dots on graph paper, and arranged where I wanted the winged beauties. I then used a light box to transfer those dots on my cardstock. Then I attached the butterflies to the card stock with glue dots.

The shadow box took more time to accomplish. The box was lined with linen material and could not detach from frame. So a light box was of no use to me. I had to mark out my placement on the graph paper, as before. Then I traced this onto wax paper, heavily marking the centre. Starting from the centre I marked a dot every 6th square, vertically and horizontally.

preview the butterfly layout

preview the butterfly layout

See how it will look it the frame

See how it will look it the frame

I found the centre of the shadow box and marked a dot on the linen, with my marker (you can use a dressmakers pencil). I then overlaid the wax paper, making sure the center marks lined up. After making sure the dots were level, and an equal distance from the edges of the frame, I taped the wax paper to the linen board using masking tape.

pin & tape the wax paper in place

Then, I transferred each dot onto the linen by poking the fine tipped marker through the wax paper. I removed the wax paper and then I placed a glue dot on each transferred dot. I pressed the center of each butterfly onto the glue dots. In the shadow box version, I chose to bend the wings a la’ flight mode. In the Ikea frame I did not. Either way both are adorable gifts for your kids, or someone else’s.

Thanks to the near-zero-effort of the butterfly punch, this was an afternoon project. Once you have your materials and lay out marked, it’s a breeze.

the finished product

…the finished product!